Our Certification Program is our best & most used program offered to date.

Certified Bot Structure

idSnowflakeThe id of the certified bot
usernameStringThe username of the certified bot
isCertifiedBooleanThe certified status of the bot
certifiedBadgeObjectThe Certified Bot Badge featured on the bot page.

Certification Requirements

  • All bots must meet these requirements before being considered for Certification.
    1. Have atleast 15 Votes.
    2. Has been Listed for 7 Days or longer.
    3. No NSFW content outside of NSFW channels.
    4. No Mass DM Commands.
    5. No Public DM Commands (DM a user) unless the DM says who the message was from.
    6. No use of @everyone in embed or say commands.
    7. Have an informative and detailed bot page on paradise bots.
    8. Have either a support server or website.
    9. Have a minimum of 10 functional commands
    10. Posting Server and/or Shard Count stats to your bot page on paradise bots

More Info about Requirements:

  • Public Definition (ie: Public DM Commands)

    1. Command(s) or Feature(s) that are not limited by a permissions system.
    2. Command(s) or Feature(s) that are not locked to admins or bot owners but should be (ie: eval)
  • Use of @everyone

    1. @everyone or @here in say or embed messages is pointless in our server as only Staff can use this feature!

Certification Terms

• Abuse of the Paradise Bots API or the Paradise Bots Voting System in an attempt to gain access to this program will result in a ban from both our API and our Voting System.

What do Certified Bots get?

  • Certified Bot Advantages
    1. Certifed Badge for your Bot Card on our Home Page.
    2. Certifed Badge for your Bot Page.
    3. Certified Bot Role in our Discord Server (Listed Highest amongst other bots)
    4. Display your bot on our Certified Bots page
    5. Custom Bot Page URL (Will be Available in the Future)

Applying for Certification

  • If you meet the requirements above please contact one of our Staff Members in our Discord Server
  • You will also be automatically applied when your bot reaches the vote requirements listed above.

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