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API Reference

Our API is a HTTPS/REST for general operations such as sending POST requests and receiving GET requests

Base URL


To access our API you need to authorize yourself, this can be done by using your Paradise Bot List Token. Your token can be obtained from your Bots page when you are logged into the site. Authentication is performed with the Authorization HTTP header in the format

"authorization": "TOKEN"

Required Data

The following params should be provided as the body or payload of your request when posting stats to our site.

server_countNumberNoThe Server Count of the bot requesting to post stats.
shard_countNumberNoThe Shard Count of the bot requesting to post stats.

Available Data

The following data is available through our site using GET methods.

usernameStringYesThe bots username.
botidSnowflakeYesThe bots ID.
ownerSnowflakeYesThe bot owners ID.
additionalOwnersStringYesThe IDs of all additional owners (if any).
PrefixStringYesThe bots listed prefix(s).
shortDescriptionStringYesThe bots short description (Shown on cards).
longDescriptionStringYesThe bots long description (Can be markdown).
votesNumberYesThe bots total number of upvotes.
usersVotedStringYesIDs of the last 10 users who voted (May return less).
totalUsersVotedNumberYesTotal number of Individual Users who have voted (Each user = 1).
serverStringYesLink to the bots support server.
websiteStringYesLink to the bots website.
githubStringYesLink to the bots github.
donateStringYesLink to donate to the bot.
tagsStringYesList of the bots tags.
libraryStringYesThe library the bot was made with.
serversNumberYesNumber of total servers the bot is in.
shardsNumberYesNumber of total shards the bot has.

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